Welcome to South Harbour

South Harbour are fuel transporters / fuel wholesalers operating out of Cape Town, South Africa – in their fourteenth year of operation in 2015.

Range of operation is : Western, Northern, Eastern Cape.

South Harbour transports an average of 11 million litres (2.9 million gallons) of fuel monthly.

South Harbour prides itself on ‘100% on-time’ deliveries to customers like Sasol Oil, Engen Petroleum and Sea Harvest in the Cape.The Road Freight Association

And specializes in deliveries to the marine industry in South African Cape ports.

South Harbour has been used as the ‘test bed’ for the patented ReturnHauler trailer system that can carry bulk liquid, and then dry freight on a return leg. We can confirm these vehicles can transport higher tonnages by reducing empty transport legs; and are more profitable while being environmentally responsible.

South Harbour can recommend ReturnHauler tankers to that segment of the market that has matching bulk liquid loads and dry freight ‘return loads’ on their routes.